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This is similar to that with any medical practice. It will be important to know how the symptoms began and factors which affect them.

After a complete medical history is taken, a careful examination of the whole body is undertaken. This will often include orthopaedic, neurological or circulatory tests. X-rays, blood, urine analysis or records of dietary habit may be requested. You will be asked to remove some of your clothing and to perform a series of simple movements so that the mobility of your body can be evaluated.


Once diagnosis is made, the types of treatment necessary will be explained to you and some timescale for your recovery will be discussed. If you are not considered suitable for treatment, then you will be appropriately referred.


If you are pregnant please bring your maternity notes. If you are bringing a baby, please bring maternity and Plunket notes.


Osteopathy is a health care profession complementary to medicine. It is a system of diagnosis and treatment which is concerned with the inter-relationship between the structure of the body and the way in which it works.


Naturopaths are trained to diagnose and treat the patient rather than the disease. It is a truly holistic therapy, based on the recognition that the body possesses an inherent ability to heal itself. Treatment measures include nutritional medicine, supplement use, specific diets, relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy, exercises, advanced massage techniques, joint mobilisation, cranial and fascial work.




ACC-subsidised treatments $40

Consultation and treatment $75

Follow up treatment $75

Parent & Baby $130

Twins or siblings $130

We are a registered ACC Provider for Osteopathy.

Please notify us when you commence treatment

if you intend to claim through the ACC scheme.





 Consultation and treatment $75

 Follow up treatment $75

 Parent & Baby $130

Twins or siblings $130






Thank you, you're a genius! I couldn't use my hand - was in so much pain. 1 treatment and I'm back to normal. So lucky to have you close by, deeply grateful


M. M.

“My son has been twice to The Matariki Practice and I have a different boy -  he is just amazing now. So thank you so much. I can't thank you enough  .”

N. C.

“Highly recommended! Wish we went sooner... ” 



“Great practice and Alison was just amazing. I saw results straight away. Would definitely recommend ”





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