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Jumping in the Leaves
Mother and Toddler Exercise
Elder woman and her caretaker

It is often easier to say what Osteopathy and Naturopathy can't help fix, as so many areas of the body are able to be covered. Many people come to the practice for treatment of one body area and end up having other problems fixed at the same time! This is particularly common with low back pain and digestive problems as they are very closely linked. Regularly seen problems include low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, shoulder problems, hip pain, sports injuries and arthritis.


A wide variety of treatment method are employed, according to the age and problem of each individual. These include soft tissue ‘massage’ to muscles and ligaments, cranial techniques, passive stretching and joint traction and manipulation to improve joint mobility. Treatment will be specially tailored.


A Naturopathic bias to treatment may also include fasting, hydrotherapy, cupping, nutritional support, herbalism and homeopathy. Treatments may include advice on your posture, diet and lifestyle. What you do at work, home, sport and leisure can greatly affect your progress and your part in this is just as important as the actual treatment.

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